Thursday, May 23, 2013

new of me ;)

assalamualaikum .
well , as you guys see *maybe that my older post is gone . i have delete it . like seriously . why ? well , if i read it again . it's look like I'm too childish . *sigh*
So , here I am . Doing the right thing . Smile like there's no problem in my heart . although cry is the best medicine . It's still the worse thing that I ever did .SPM is around the corner . oh ya . my mid-year exam is the worse exam that I have ever did . swear. my BM got 55 . and i never get below B . seriously . but ,
there's some mistake that serious and only my class know it . suck it up . what ever .
Tuition . well , it the best tuition that i have ever attend in my life . account and addmath . the account teacher was so great and always follow us . not we follow her *sad* addmath also great but still break my heart . It's too hard . still pray and get C . :D
and I will sing a few cover from top singer . that suit to my voice . and i will post it . Only at blog . but , not showing my face . because i'm nervous . and when I'm nervous I will cry . when i can be like others that have  a great confident and can sing in front of everybody . if i'm getting nervous , my voice will turn like .... *think* okay . too much of bla bla bla . mind ? haha .
bye guys . have fun in the holidays :)

Thanks for reading , come again !

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